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Social media is the most powerful tools for branding and marketing. It enables you to be 'closer' with your loyal fans and customer. With the help of live streaming, your brand can generate more revenue by engaging and attract new customers, promote your product and service directly to your target audience.

Any event is virtually possible to be live streamed. Currently, main platform for live streaming is YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. This is the easiest way to start live streaming, Easy access for audience and of course, free of charge.

Most corporate also start to live streaming their event and need dedicated control over the stream, such as ticketing system, password protection, embeddable player in their website, ad-free viewing experience, etc. We can provide custom solution  for your company's need.

Please contact us if you want to start live streaming your event in Bali. Our streaming specialists is ready to guide you. 

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