No longer limited by number of seats and distance. Invite everyone to 'attend' at your virtual wedding.


Let your friends and family who couldn’t make it be a part of your special day.


Terimakasih sudah dibantu streaming acara pernikahan kami, walaupun diwaktu pandemi kapasitas tamu terbatas, tapi dengan adanya live streaming semua bisa ikut merasakan prosesi pernikahan kami. Terimakasih atas pelayanan yang sangat memuaskannn 😊😊

—  Intan & Eldo







We capture the audio from main audio console of the venue, with dedicated control to ensure audio streamed is crystal clear



Experienced operator and camera man to ensure good image captured, and smooth streaming experience for your viewers



If you would like to stream to your own page or channel, we will assist you in setting things up before your big day


Some of our past event. Featuring real live wedding from real couple

Helpful FAQ

How to enable live streaming in my YouTube channel?

It is very easy: 1. Sign in to YouTube and go to YouTube Studio. 2. Click Setting. In Channel tab, go to Feature Eligibility and select Intermediate Features. 3. If not yet enabled, click Verify 4. Verify your account (using SMS OTP code) in order to be eligible for live streaming feature. This verification takes about 24-48 hours so it is better to do it in advance.

I need a QR code in my wedding invitation. Can you do it?

Yes! We can supply you with a QR code that you can print on your invitation. Scan the code and you will be directed to the streaming page.

Can i stream to my own YouTube channel?

Sure! Most of us has a YouTube account but not everyone has set up a channel. You must check if you has a channel and eligible for live streaming.See "How to enable live streaming in my YouTube Channel" for step by step tutorial Please note that we will need your YouTube username and password to stream. Some account has 2-step verification for login so we might need your help to allow us.

What is a bumper video?

Bumper video is a short video clip. 15-10 minutes before the ceremony start, we usually play a slideshow made of couple's pre-wedding photo and name initial so that the viewers know they are watching the correct live streaming

I have my own photo clip and pre-wed video. Can i play it?

Of course! Send the file and we will play it before the ceremony starts! It could be pre-wedding photo clip, pre-wedding video clip, engagement video, etc!

Can we use Zoom to stream and talk with our family?

Yes, you can! Zoom is also supported. There is a separate add-on package for Zoom Interactive session. Please download "Pricelist" to see the details.