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Stream from Everywhere with LiveU Solo

Updated: Jun 3, 2021

It is no secret that mobile internet speed in Bali (and generally in Indonesia) is still relatively slow and unreliable. Sometime it is blazing fast, the other time you can't even open a 360p YouTube video. Landline internet is much better albeit not evenly distributed in all areas. Some location still rely on mobile internet to do live streaming, which can be a nightmare if you try to do high quality streaming.

There has been several solution to ensure stable stream, such as direct satellite up link and microwave internet, but it has its own problem as well. For small, medium and even big scale event, those options are too costly and impractical.

Solution to unreliable internet

We are aware of this problem and will ensure that this is no longer a problem. Our latest device, LiveU Solo series will ensure high quality stream EVERYWHERE. By combining several connection together, we ensure that you could be in the rural areas, yet still manages to stream HD video to Facebook, YouTube. Small unit mean it is possible to stream on the field, directly from a camera. LiveU Solo is broadcast grade device that usually used by TV station and on the field news reporter.

LiveU Solo
Spotty internet is a thing of past

Stream anywhere, anytime

For several years, we have experienced streaming directly from the field, where we are limited to mobile internet. It still works despite a little hiccup could happen unpredictably

By implementing the new LiveU, we expect to give better quality and better service for streaming in Bali

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